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CSoft is committed to provide its clients life-time support and product maintenance of its existing legacy applications, also offers maintenance service of third party business applications.

Most enterprise products face a problem in supporting their installed base on legacy versions of the product. A significant investment needs to be made to maintain multiple versions of an old code base, many times on older technologies, to support existing clients until they can be persuaded to migrate to newer versions of the product. Our product maintenance services help our clients support their existing products and customers cost effectively, while concentrating their in-house expertise in building new products or versions.

Our Maintenance methodology is backed by years of experience and our extensive knowledge base of technologies and domains, combined with a offshore outsourcing approach.

We work with our clients to first define their business objectives on how long they would like to support the product and what is the level of investment they are planning to make into it. We then assemble a team that has the required expertise and matches their budget constraints. This team works with our clients product teams to take over their code base (often with very little existing documentation) and maintain it for the life of the product. They also work with the clients technical support teams to ensure product issues are addressed within specified Service Level Agreements (SLA).

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